Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children - Walt Disney

Each year the Scholastic Book Fair comes to town. Each year our local schools provide kids this coveted opportunity to buy a book. A book that is all their own.

Over 1,000 children in our county are economically challenged, and are unable to participate in the book fair. It's heartbreaking to know there are children sitting alone in classrooms while their peers are able to purchase a book of their choice.

The benefits of reading are numerous and tangible. Test scores increase, but so does overall success in life. We read to learn and we read to play, both are fundamental parts of growing as a child and realizing success as an adult. In order to achieve this, our children must have books.

Research shows that "a home with books as an integral part of the way of life encourages children to read... providing children with information, vocabulary, imaginative richness, wide horizons, and skills for discovery and play."

I remember the first book that was mine, that belonged to me. I bet you do too. I also remember the joy of the Scholastic Book Fair when it came to my school.


The goal of the Bigfoot Book Brigade is to create a program that will fund these joyful memories and a

life-long love of reading.


Books are not luxuries, books are essential tools for success in all chapters of life.